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How's my driving? Please leave your constructive criticism here. Kirei is a difficult muse to get a handle on, so I'm always open to suggestions on how to improve.

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[Name]: Jiyu
[Age]: 21
♦ DW: [personal profile] prosecutingly
♦ AIM: iron.countess
♦ Plurk: thecrimsonfuckr
[Timezone]: Central
[Other Characters]: N/A

[Name]: Kirei Kotomine
[Canon]: Fate/Zero
[Age]: Late 20s
[Gender]: Male
[Canon Point]:

[History]: http://typemoon.wikia.com/wiki/Kirei_Kotomine


[Abilities / Strengths & Weaknesses]: Da Original Mage Killer™, yo. Specializes in healing, exorcisms, and sadism. Absurdly overpowered, but stab him with an ironic knife maybe?

[Limited Powers]:

[Other Important Facts]:

♦ Thread:
♦ Post:
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Backtagging: Sure, go for it. I'm liable to forget about threads sometimes, so feel free to poke me about something.
Threadjacking: Ahaha, go for it. Let me know first, but I'll likely say yes.
Fourth walling: Situational. I am not entirely adverse to the idea, however, I'd prefer not. Please come talk to me first, and I may let you depending on circumstances.
Subjects to avoid: I'm pretty open about most things, though I don't write smut.


Topics to avoid: While nothing is particularly off-limits, bear in mind Kirei is a Christian priest, who takes joy in the suffering of others. That said, at his current canon point, he is fairly restrained.
Physical contact: Ok with most. If you have any questions, let me know.
Flirting: Why would you want to? Go for it, but don't expect anything to come from it.
Fighting: Of course! Just let me know beforehand, and I'm sure we can hash something out.
Injuring this character: Not adverse to the idea, but please ask first.
Anything else: As I had mentioned above, Kirei is a man who enjoys the misfortune of others, and as such, is not the friendliest of people. Should you wish to opt out of CR with him, or have him pretend to act pleasant around your characters, please let me know. Alternatively, would you prefer to interact with an awfuller Kirei, we might could arrange something as well! However, he is mostly abstaining from such acts at this time.


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